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Transmission Pans

Your transmission is instrumental when it comes to transferring the power from the engine to the wheels to enable the rotation. For the transmission to work properly, you must fill it up with the appropriate ATF fluid to reduce friction and avoid wear and tear. However, without the diesel transmission pans, the ATF will leak, compromising the performance of the gearbox significantly.

Why you need to replace the transmission pan

Occasionally, you might need to replace the transmission pan, especially when undertaking the repair and maintenance tasks. However, removing the transmission pan might be a daunting task since it might be stuck onto the transmission. A sealant or gasket can create a bond between these two parts, but you can loosen the bolts and use a wrench to remove it.

Insist on the genuine parts

When replacing the diesel transmission pans, insist on buying the genuine parts from the reputable companies such as Mag-Hytec, Derale, and AFE. Once you remove the pan, you must remember to replace the transmission fluid as well. Remember that the gasket will be damaged and that you will have to replace it. Once you install the diesel transmission pans, you must install the gasket in the right way.

Remember to buy a reliable sealant such as aradite. Before you apply the silicone, you must scrape off the remnants of the old gasket. Sealing the gap between the transmission and the pan is vital if you want to protect your gearbox from dust or water damage.