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Intake Manifolds

The air intake manifold is responsible for availing air to the combustion chamber. Considering that the combustion engine requires a mixture of air and fuel, the secret is to avail as much air as possible to improve the combustion process. The intake manifold is instrumental when it comes to replacing the air that is sucked during the intake stroke of the piston. Choosing the genuine intake manifolds from the AFE is a good way to improve the overall performance without compromising the fuel economy. The quality of your intake manifolds determines the outcome of the combustion process.

Choose the right manifolds

The air intake systems come in a broad range of shapes and sizes that suit all models. For example, if your car has a turbocharger, you cannot use the conventional intake manifolds. These vehicles need to recycle the exhaust fumes, meaning that they need to cool these fumes to increase the oxygen content.

Fuel economy

Fuel economy is always on top of the wish list for most vehicle owners. Besides saving the environment, the motorists are always trying to get as many mpgs as possible from their fuel tanks. By consulting a reputable dealer such as AFE, you can squeeze lots of miles per gallon. If you want to upgrade your car and improve the fuel economy, you might have to replace the cold air intake. The cold air intake is instrumental if you want to improve the air: fuel ratio while maximizing the oxygen levels in the combustion chamber.