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Fuel Pumps

The integrity of diesel fuel pumps can determine the power and strength of your engine. If the components of a fuel pump are damaged, you will notice a sudden decrease in the acceleration. In retrospect, the fuel consumption escalates as you try to get the most out of the car. With diesel pump manufacturers, such as Industrial Injection, and Dynomite, you can find best fuel pump for your needs.

Just like the water pump, diesel fuel pumps rely on the timing belt for rotation. However, if you do not tighten the belt properly, the low tension will cause the pump head to rotate unevenly. Such uneven movement at a high speed can lead to the dislocation of the pump head from the rest of the pump.

Even if the pump is working perfectly, you will still lose power and fuel if the delivery pipes are leaking. Finding the leaks is difficult because diesel flows through gravity. Unfortunately, a diesel engine suffers from airlocks if leakages occur. Such airlocks can compromise the performance of the engine, and in the worst-case scenario, the engine will not start. Once you repair the leaks, ensure that you bleed the diesel fuel pumps to get rid of the airlocks completely.