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Positive Air Shut Off

Having a positive air shut off system is a good way to prevent an emergency and improve the overall safety of your vehicle. If you own a heavy commercial vehicle, fuel spillages can occur when you least expect them. If you have a petrol engine, the fumes can leak uncontrollably. Considering that these fuels are flammable, it is critical to invest in a system that can shut off the supply of fuel instantaneously. The positive air shutoff system from Pacbrake helps to cut the supply of petrol or diesel whenever you are working near a petrol station or hauling logs in the forest. In case of a forest fire, the petrol fumes can turn a little spark into a nightmare.

Hydrocarbon vapor

The positive air shut off system will stop the fuel supply without turning off the engine. Such technology allows you to take the necessary safety precautions without stopping your work. Installing the PAS in your truck allows you to comply with the safety requirements in several states. Instead of running the engine with fuel, PAS cuts off the ignition and supplies hydrocarbon vapor from a remote source.

Genuine products

Pacbrake is a renowned company that has come up with a vast array of innovative automobile products. Whenever you want to invest in the safety of your vehicle, you need a reputable company if you want to get the genuine products. The positive air shut off system has received many accolades in its ability to prevent the forest fires.