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Most vehicles that come with turbochargers and supercharger need an intercooler. An intercooler is an inbuilt radiator that allows the water from the radiator to undergo another cooling process before it gets into the engine. Turbos have one major problem. Since the turbo is quite close to the cold air intake, the hot exhaust temperatures can heat up the cold air pipes and compromise the cooling process. Consequently, a big engine compresses huge amounts of air, meaning that cooling might be quite difficult without an intercooler. In addition, air heats up when compressed. The extra heat gain might be difficult to account for, meaning that the radiator might not be sufficient to undertake the cooling process.

Cold air carries more oxygen that hot air

Considering that the cold air carries more oxygen than hot air, investing in intercoolers is a great way to support the combustion process. Once you cool the air to the allowable limits, your engine will burn the fuel more efficiently. In the hot days, an engine will benefit from the cold air that hits it from all sides. In most cases, the intercoolers are mounted on the sides, away from the heat of the engine. A small part of the body is opened up to allow for cooling by the wind while on the move.

A car with an intercooler offers more power and torque than a conventional car. The ability to maintain incredibly low temperatures protects your engine against overheating while maximizing the overall performance.