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Modern vehicles come with an ECU to adjust and monitor the engine's functions and its adaptability to a variety of conditions. However, the ECU doesn’t always provide the control you need. If you want to increase the horsepower and torque of your truck, Edge products can help you reach that goal.

Besides increasing the overall power and torque, the edge products are vital when it comes to improving the engine’s efficiency, allowing for quick acceleration, and the ability to tune your truck to your style.

A control module intercepts the readings from the sensors to the Engine Control Unit. The control modules interpret readings such as the air to fuel ratio and the ignition timing. The chip can maximize the efficiency of the engine depending on the model of the car. The power programmers are linked to the OBD port under the dashboard. These plug-and-play edge products come with instructions that consider every modification. These chips allow you to control every nuance and customize the vehicles to their preferences without the hassle.