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Fuel Lift Pumps

Diesel fuel lift pumps are critical to the performance and fuel efficiency of your diesel engine. Some of the key specifications to consider when shopping for the injectors include the injector seat, injector sac, and nozzle geometry and size. Each of these aspects affects the combustion process, meaning that they determine the horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency of your engine.

The design of the fuel injector nozzle plays a major role in the performance of your diesel truck or car. The design, size, and shape of the hole determine the amount of pressure and nature of the spray. If the nozzles are clogged by impurities, they will not work optimally, and replacing them is instrumental. It is critical to understand the nature of your injection system to choose the right nozzles. Before you shop for the injectors, verify whether you have a common rail, unit pump, or direct injection system. By choosing the right nozzles, you will get the right spray that maximizes the performance.