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Diesel Tuners and Chips

Want more horsepower in your truck? With diesel tuners and chips or programmers, you can tune your truck to get the most performance out of your engine. Not only can you boost your truck’s horsepower but you can also get better fuel economy too.

Tuners and Chips That Do More

We understand how important finding the right diesel tuners and chips is, since you want the best tunes for your truck. That’s why at Diesel Addict, we carry a variety of diesel tuners and chips from the most reputable brands out there, like Bully Dog and SCT, so you can customize and tune your trucks engine just the way you want it.

Bully Dog tuners are the highest selling tuners out there. It’s not just a tuner, but a monitor, gauge and diagnostic device all put together. Bully Dog tuners have the largest feature set and the widest range of vehicle applications so you can get the most out of this diesel tuner.

SCT chips are another popular diesel chip that’s most asked about by our customers. With a variety of custom tuning options and great tech support, SCT chips and programmers let you tune your truck so you can unlock its full potential and maximize performance.