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Cold Air Intakes

Cold Air Intakes

When it comes to maximizing air induction in your truck, you’ll need to get the coolest and densest air into the engine in the smoothest and cleanest way possible. That’s where cold air intake kits come in. Improve the fuel economy and power that your truck has, plus get better filtration than what the factory intakes offer.

Quality Cold Air Intake Kits

At Diesel Addict, we carry some of the best and highest quality brands for cold air intake kits, such as S&B and AFE to name a few.With only the best products for you to choose from, you will get cold air intakes that boost your truck’s power and will let it run more efficiently.

S&B had cold air intakes that feature a cleanable filter. S&B intakes are manufactured in California and go through rigorous testing to ensure that your engine will be properly protected and that the cold air intake is up to S&B’s high standards.

AFE sealed cold air intake kits that uses the most updated engineering tools and techniques and are manufactured in California. These intakes offer the perfect blend of power and protection, which is one of the reasons why AFE cold air intake kits are superior compared to others in every way.

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