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Protect Your Engine with Diesel Fuel Additives

When it comes to getting better fuel economy, the right diesel fuel additives can make all the difference. Not only that, but additives also help clean the fuel system and increase injector life, so your truck can run even better than when it was brand new.

Having good diesel fuel additives is especially important here in Canada where diesel engines are heavily relied on for trucking and need to have high performance, even during the roughest weather.

Get the Best Additives

At Diesel Addict, we know you love your truck and that’s why we have the best brands in diesel fuel additives. We stock additive brands such as REV-X and PowerUp, which are two of the best additives available on the market today if you want to protect your engine.

REV-X is a performance oil additive that’s manufactured in Michigan and it cleans every part of the engine, including the injectors, pistons, and turbochargers. REV-X will help increase horsepower and torque while decreasing the amount of wear on your engine’s components.

PowerUp is a diesel fuel additive that improves the lubrication of the engine. This additive prolongs the life of the injector pump, the nozzles, and pistons, ensuring that the engine runs smoothly. Not to mention PowerUp diesel fuel additive in manufactured right here in Canada, so it will be able to keep your engine in perfect condition, even the most extreme Canadian weather.