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EGR Delete Kits

Diesel EGR Delete Kits

The diesel engine in your truck needs to be properly maintained so that it doesn’t lose any power and runs efficiently. Diesel EGR delete kits get rid of the troublesome emissions and soot that come from the exhaust gas of your truck’s diesel engine. These kits will also let you increase the power and life of your engine as well as get you better fuel economy.

Take Care of Your Engine

We know you love your truck, which is why at Diesel Addicts, we stock the best and highest quality EGR delete kits from brands like Bully Dog, SCT, MBRP, Flo-Pro and EFI Live. When you choose any of the kits we have, you can know that you’re getting a product that’s been proven and tested for all types of customers with a variety of needs. Whether you need a high performance EGR delete kit or just a stock compatible one to improve fuel economy, we have and can help you find the right kit for your diesel truck.